“I can truly say there is no vocal seminar that has been more beneficial than the Georg Solti Accademia. There is no coach in this business with sharper ears, keener knowledge or more poignant musicianship than Jonathan Papp. There was not a single coaching I had that did not yield dramatic improvement in vocal color or stylistic choice. I am thankful every day to have experienced such detailed and brilliant musicianship.”

To study at the Georg Solti Accademia was life-changing. There was music, life, and spirit. Thanks to their incredible fellowship, what I learned at the Accademia is always with me in my career. I hope I can give to others what the Solti Accademia gave to me.

The Solti Accademia is fantastic. I am thrilled to now be a part of the Solti Accademia family. Right after the Accademia ended, I jumped into a production of Il Trovatore at the National Theatre in Mannheim. I want to say thank you to the Solti Accademia. I was so prepared to jump in because of everything that I learned at there.

“The Georg Solti Accademia has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever done. If I could do this once a year, I think I’d be the best singer I could be. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn in Castiglione and I will remember it my entire life.”

I am so grateful to the Solti Accademia for such a great opportunity to study “bel canto” music and style from outstanding professionals, all the while surrounded by wonderful colleagues. I will remember this incredible time for my whole life.

The one-to-one coachings with Jonathan Papp were excellent and it was so useful to be able to study the music in such minute detail and put into practise some of the things talked about with the guest teachers.


I had the best time at the Accademia and realise that the people have absolutely made it for me. It was such a great group and I felt privileged to be one of them. If this was a 3 month programme that would literally be a singer’s paradise!

Summer 2016

The highlight of the course for me was getting a chance to coach in front of Jonathan Papp and get his feedback. His encouragement and belief in my skills has given me a lot of confidence in that area as I move forward. I had a really fantastic time on the course - it was exactly what I needed.
“The Solti Repetiteurs’ Course was an amazing experience for me. All of our teachers were very dedicated to our lessons and were really interested in our individual needs. Apart from technical issues concerning piano playing, we could also learn about things like score preparation, the psychological approach to working with singers, and many other thing useful in our profession."