Mission & History

The mission of the Accademia is to identify, train, and support the next generation of exceptional opera singers and répétiteurs as they begin their professional careers in the global opera industry.

Valerie Solti, co-founder of the Accademia and wife of the late Sir Georg Solti said, “My husband would be thrilled with the Accademia. He loved working with young musicians and young people. He would see the Solti Accademia as his whole ethos.”

The unique educational opportunity provided by the Accademia is made possible by its strong, fruitful relationships with some of the world’s leading artistic, administrative, and philanthropic forces in the worlds of opera and classical music. These relationships enable the Accademia to provide our students, handpicked from a global pool of applicants, with some of the best instruction, coaching and networking opportunities available today.

Led by the teaching of artistic director and vocal coach/repetiteur Jonathan Papp, it is the aim of the Accademia to ensure that students leave their time here with the tools they need to become the best musicians and professionals possible. Beyond the courses it runs, the Accademia also serves as a community- providing its students with an extensive network of contacts and opportunities to further their own careers.