Safespace Policy

The Georg Solti Accademia is committed to creating the best, safest, and most inclusive educational environment possible for all course participants, faculty, and staff. At the core of this is a commitment to protecting Accademia course participants, faculty, and staff from bullying and harassment, and providing confidential and secure methods of reporting this behavior. If any Accademia course participant, faculty members, or staff member feels they have been the recipient of bullying or harassing behavior, they are encouraged to use the method outlined on this page to report this action.

It is the responsibility of every Accademia course participant and faculty/staff member to educate themselves upon what constitutes bullying and harassing behavior. The Accademia has a zero tolerance policy for this behavior.

If at any time an Accademia course participant or faculty/staff member feels they have been harassed or bullied by another Accademia course participant, faculty/staff member, or an individual employed by a third-party organisation with which the Accademia works, then the recipient of this behavior should report it either in-person or via email to one of the following safeguarding representatives at the Accademia


Jonathan Palmer Lakeland (GSA Associate Director)


Roberta Biondi (GSA Registrar)


The Accademia requires that its safeguarding representatives keep confidential the names of the reporting individual(s). Resulting action taken following a report of bullying or harassing behavior will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Should the report be filed against a safeguarding representative, that individual will be kept separate from this process.