December 16, 2022

Alumni Testimonials - 2022

Here are just some of the wonderful testimonials that we have received from this year's course participants.


I really enjoyed my time at the GSA. I loved the set-up of the course, I especially found that having daily diction coachings on top of the musical ones was great. I particularly enjoyed Bonynge’s masterclass, it was really a special moment! I also liked the fact that we had a full hour session for our final coaching with Papp. It gave us time to chat and debrief which was nice after a very intense way of working for three weeks. I think the GSA is a great course, I learnt a lot and I am very grateful to have been able to work with such great coaches and colleagues!


I had a great experience at the Solti Accademia, working with wonderful professional singers, and with the always positive and helpful guidance of the amazing faculty was the best way to start my musical career. The organisation was impeccable. 


I had a wonderful time and the GSA holds a very special place in my heart. The coachings were extremely useful; the directions and information learned there take one’s singing to the next level. I am most grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in the bel canto course and to be surrounded by such uniquely talented colleagues. 



Overall, I really enjoyed the course. From the pacing of the schedule to the incredible people I got to meet and the fantastic spaces to work in, I believe this is one of the best programmes of this kind I have ever- and probably will ever- attend. Thank you once again for the opportunity and I can't wait for us to meet again sometime in the future!

DANBI LEE (Mezzo-Soprano)

What I liked about attending this course was in every individual lesson and masterclass. All the teachings from all the teachers were helpful and I was able to learn many things in a short period of time. In particular, I think the time when Stefano's opinion was combined with Jonathan's lesson was more interesting because we could see both vocalization and pronunciation problems at the same time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for giving me a precious time, and I hope to see you again soon!


My impressions of this course were the best possible.

I must say that I had a lovely time and I still cannot believe how much we did in this time over there, it was very intense in so many and different ways. First of all, I had amazing lessons with Roberta, Legge, Papp and Bonynge, they are so open and willing to help other people, it was very inspiring! Also, I had this amazing surprise to have so many conducting classes and even a masterclass with Richard during this course. I believe I grew up enormously with this whole experience of playing straightforwardly from the full score in a public audience, playing and making our own arrangements for two and five pianos and conducting, and, also, discussing music with such talented and clever colleagues was very enriching. This whole experience gave me another perception of how to approach, prepare, feel and even understand music differently.

I would like to thank you very much for this time and for believing in me to take part at the Accademia, I am feeling much more energized and with a wider horizon to pursue in this musical journey!

WONSICK OH (Baritone)

I want to say that this course has given me a tremendous experience and the first step toward becoming a professional singer that I've always aspired to be! Especially, the sessions with the Jonathan Papp and Jonathan Lakeland were great. I personally think the Accademia should find a way of scheduling even more sessions for the course pariticipants with the two Jonathans.


I would say it was a totally positive experience that made me fall in love with music again. I will recommend the course to everyone I know


If I am asked about the most important and, at the same time, the most memorable days of my life, my days at the Solti academy will definitely be among them. Apart from the fact that I met many people, made great friends, had the unique opportunity to work with the greatest musicians and professionals and enjoyed one of the most beautiful corners of Italy, I had the opportunity to occupy my mind only with classical music. It was the month to analyze, understand, and enjoy. And after my return home, the most exciting and honorable moment was when I proudly added to my biography that I am an alumni of George Solti Accademia.


I enjoyed the Accademia throughout. We were lucky to have the most creative and kind team of student répétiteurs from very different backgrounds who it was amazing to share this experience with . The highlight was the incredible singers that we got to work with. Clearly hand picked, they were absolutely perfect colleagues to us. 



I really loved my time at Solti. I didn’t really know what I would get myself into when I arrived but it ended up being for sure one of the big highlights this year. 

I’ve learned so much, got so many different perspectives on bel canto, while they never contradicted. I felt with every day more comfortable and realized that this program is really made FOR us singers, to explore the bel canto style, technique and history and nourish from your experience. I didn’t feel any pressure or competition. It was definitely the most enriching young artist program I’ve ever been part of.

Besides the artistic side of the accademia I found so many new friends and had just an unforgettable time in Italy. It felt like a really strong bond between us participants where everyone could be like they are. 



The Georg Solti Accademia Répétiteur Course 2022 was a fantastic experience I will never ever forget. I think the combination of a short course with a super intense schedule full of masterclasses, workshops, rehearsals and individual practicing combined with other participants to discuss with and a beautiful environment and residence makes it the most perfect education ever. The intense week in Venice gave me a great opportunity to develop the skills necessary to work as a professional opera répétiteur, a set of tools that I can now apply to my everyday working life.

Huge thanks to the professional faculty who truly cares about helping every participant as much as possible.