répétiteur Course

The skill of a fine répétiteur can never be underestimated, nor can their importance in a singer’s life and development. The name ‘répétiteur’ belies the full nature of their work; they are the ultimate multi-taskers of the music world. Their eyes and ears must be constantly alert to what they’re hearing, whilst comparing and assessing it with the score in front of them. This is why so many go on to be some of the finest conductors in the world – Solti, Pappano, Gergiev and Muti, to name but a few.

Their skills must range from having a full knowledge of the score and being able to make it come alive at the piano, through to giving the singer the best possible advice and guidance on learning a role accurately, ultimately giving them the means to perform the role with confidence.

On our repetiteur course, participants will receive at least six hours of training each day on various skills required of repetiteurs, including: vocal coaching, orchestral playing at the piano, reducing scores, sightreading, accompanying, and conducting. Repetiteurs on this course will also participate in a "mock audition", so they understand what to expect when applying for a position at a professional opera house. To support their study, six alumni of the Solti Accademia's Bel Canto Course come to the course to sing for the repetiteurs' teaching sessions. Our course participants are mentored by an outstanding faculty, which includes some of the most accomplished opera conductors, coaches, and repetiteurs of our time.

One of the unique opportunities afforded to students on this course is the ability to develop their own abilities as a vocal coach under the guidance of some of the world’s best and most in-demand coaches of the day. For most young répétiteurs, coaching is a mystery which unravels itself slowly over time. Our aim on this course is to provide our students with feedback that will allow them to become uniquely capable as coaches- giving them yet another marketable skill to add to their professional careers.

Alumni from our repetiteur course have gone on to exceptional careers as repetiteurs, conductors, coaches, and industry leaders in some of the best opera houses in the world, including at: the Royal Opera House, ENO, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Dutch National Opera, Bayerisches Staatsoper, Glyndebourne, Teatro alla Scala, Opera National de Paris, Scottish Opera, and Garsington Opera.

Applications are closed at this time, as we have already selected students for our 2022 répétiteur course. The GSA expects the next application cycle for répétiteurs to be in the fall of 2022 for our répétiteur course in 2023.