Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice

Six students joined the ten-day course in Venice, led by Jonathan Papp, with contributions from Mark Markham and James Vaughan, Sir Richard Bonynge and Sir Jeffrey Tate. Here’s what they had to say about their time there:

Marina de Lucas | Spain
I have learnt more in this week than in all the previous months of my studies. All the staff were  extremely kind, patient and full of good energy. I would love to stay in Venice with this wonderful team for at least three months!

Jeremy Chan | USA
An inspiring and challenging ten days surrounded by amazing faculty, colleagues, singers and scenery.

Mario Antonio Marra | USA
The environment fostered good work and opportunity for growth. I’m grateful that the group got along – it made for a very enjoyable and gratifying experience.

Nathan Harris | UK
I feel I gained a greater attention to tone and phrasing, as well as a greater awareness of singers’ needs.