Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice

Here is what our six repetiteurs had to say about their 10 days on the Solti-Peretti Repetiteurs’ course this year:

I think it’s been a huge experience to all of us, personally and musically, and a clear example of that is actually the magic we all felt in the final concert.
I really loved the intensity of the course. Even if we were feeling so exhausted at the end of each day, the good work ambience between all of us made us wanted to keep working hard. We all found a big difference in ourselves between the first coaching we did on the very first morning and the last days (singers also agreed about this). And then it was so great to work with these 6 singers; not only because of their amazing talented voices but also because they were very easy-going, very receptive about any new ideas, and they trusted us a lot from the very beginning.  

KATIE WONG | Hong Kong
I really enjoyed the course. The faculty is amazing, as were the pianos, the singers, and other pianists. The talks about auditioning and how to get work was all really useful. It was also reassuring when the pianists on the faculty expressed dislike of short preparation time. I sometimes tend to have a “professionals are superman” illusion, so it was very reassuring. 

Being part of the Solti Repetiteurs’ Course was an amazing experience for me. There are not many courses dedicated to pianists working with singers and this one has exceeded my expectations.
Probably the most valuable lesson I have learned is that to be able to coach singers really effectively it is necessary to work with conductors and have conducting experience of my own. All of our teachers were very dedicated to our lessons and were really interested in our individual needs. Apart from technical issues concerning piano playing, we could also learn about things like score preparation, audition realities, psychological approach to working with singers and many other thing useful in our profession. Debuting as a conductor on a public concert made me come out of my comfort zone and showed me what I am capable of, from a big struggle at the beginning of the course to a successful performance.

My experience at the Solti Accademia Repetiteurs Course was incredibly rewarding and positive. I thought it was really well-organized, and each day was balanced with the perfect amount of individual work, group work, and relaxation.
I really loved the time giving singers coachings and getting immediate feedback on my coaching performance in real time. This is a rare luxury and one that is so useful in being helpful to singers in the future. 

The most important thing to me was the healthy and relaxed environment created by you, that allowed us to take risks and feel comfortable facing challenges. I really cannot find much more to tell you due to how amazed, happy, and thankful I am for the days we had together.

BRADLEY WOOD | New Zealand
Having the opportunity to learn the art of Italian Opera in the incredible backdrop of Venice was an experience I will never forget. Before attending the Solti Accademia I struggled to understand the subtle nuances of Bel Canto repertoire but with the guidance of world class coaches I now have a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the style. What I will remember more than anything are the personal connections that I made with my fellow pianists and singers. I will always cherish the friendships and memories I made at the Accademia.