Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy

This year, in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we were especially grateful that we were able to run our repetiteur course at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Italy. We had an extremely talented bunch of young repetiteurs join us. Here is some of their feedback about the course:

Toby Hession | UK

Everything was wonderful about this course. It was particularly wonderful to hear the frankness and honesty of world-leading professionals on the ins and outs of the job, and the work required to be successful. Full-time educational institutions, in my opinion, often ‘dress it up’ to make it more attractive to potential students. Whilst this is great, and helps us stay positive, sometimes the honesty is much more valuable. The faculty were totally inspiring, and this course was exactly what I needed to re-vitalise me after 6 months of questioning whether I wanted to enter the music profession. I am now more convinced than I have ever been that I do. Please keep on running this course. It is totally game-changing for us, and I will recommend it so highly to my colleagues and friends.

Henry Websdale | UK

“I enjoyed working with the amazing singers and faculty/staff. The Fondazione Cini is also a fantastic venue for this course. I had a great time and learnt a lot. Thanks to all who made it happen!”

Tackyoung Chung | South Korea

“The chance to work with professional singers in front of superb and supportive faculties is amazing. Everything on this course was beyond my expectation. I cannot express with my imperfect English all my gratitude and happiness throughout the course. It was definitely the best way to start off my career.”

Natalia Pawlaszek | Poland

I am very grateful for being chosen for this Course and I’ve enjoyed a lot of things. First of all, the amazing faculty of coaches made me feel I am working with real professionals. Their advice was always accurate and helpful. I felt I could make some mistakes and learn from them instantly- and this made me feel comfortable and strengthened my self-esteem. The course challenged me- I conducted for the first time in my life, learned to read from the full score, and rehearsed ensembles. All this was very useful for young repetiteurs who do not always have the opportunity to acquire this experience in an educational space. In addition, having an opportunity to work with other great pianists and singers in such a beautiful place which Venice is made this course even more pleasant.

Daniel Strahilevitz | South Africa/Israel

My experience in the course is positive. It had been a great pleasure in meeting you and the whole staff, and I am more than thankful to have been invited to take part in it. I’m already implementing things we’d discussed about, and I do notice as well the things you would tell me whilst working with singers, or in order to enrich the sound quality on the piano.

Michael Sikich | USA

I really loved the course and felt very well taken care of. The facilities were of course outstanding as was the setting, practice situation, food, etc. All top notch. The highlight of the course for me was getting a chance to coach in front of Jonathan Papp and get his feedback – it was hugely helpful to be able to try things out and get his advice to solve problems and figure out better vocabulary for saying things. His encouragement and belief in my skills has given me a lot of confidence in that area as I move forward.