Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany

Darwin Prakash | INDIA

Getting straight to the point, this course is incredible. I had certain expectations regarding the course and I do honestly believe that they were fulfilled over and beyond.

Wenmeng Gu | CHINA
Last September, I attended a one-week masterclass in Beijing’s NCPA and was very lucky to be chosen to be one of two Chinese singers to participate in the GSA in Italy this year. Three weeks passed too quickly. It was a great honour to study and work with so many fantastic teachers.

Satriya Krisna | INDONESIA
I loved the masterclasses with different teachers, each of which had a different approach. Richard Bonynge always asked us to respect the piano sound in bel canto. I now understand that bel canto is not about the volume of voice, but how we use our instrument to make contrasts.

Marvic Monreal | MALTA
One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that singing should bring joy and happiness, not just anxiety and stress. Barbara Frittoli’s words will always be printed in my thoughts. Her down-to-earth personality was a breath of fresh air and the community feeling at Solti will always be carried with me throughout my career. 

Whitney Morrison | USA
Learning soft and rounder singing has been something I have needed as an artist for some time. Two mentors of the course, Barbara Frittoli and Richard Bonynge, zeroed in on my need for them right away. 

Luis Aguilar | MEXICO 
It is definitely a plus to be surrounded by such a beautiful environment in Castiglione. It truly inspires us when we are surrounded by the culture and the language of opera. I loved every part of it – from the impeccable organisation of schedules, to the great expertise of the entire faculty. 

Chunlai Shang | CHINA
Few words can deliver my thoughts: only thanks can express my appreciation. I really appreciate this team. The teachers are of a very high standard and are very patient. It feels glorious to have worked with them. I will miss the GSA. This is a journey I won’t forget in my life.

Bronwyn Douglass | USA
The expertise of the faculty is obvious, but the teaching methodology and delivery of content were outstanding. The organisers and the teachers were friendly and fun – creating a place where we could work effectively and take risks. What I enjoyed most was working with the main coaches Jonathan Papp and Jonathon Swinard. I think it is fantastic to have such solid main faculty. 

Beatrice Acland | UK
I most enjoyed the opportunity to work with the resident staff members every day – such frequent coachings allowed us to work in great depth. It was very interesting watching the others singers improve as well.

Alan Higgs | USA
I can’t tell you how beneficial this course was for me on so many levels. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all, Lady Solti, Roberta, and Candice and I can’t thank you enough for including me in this incredibly special programme that I will never forget and continue to take information from in bettering myself as a musician. 

Alexandra Oomens | AUSTRALIA
It was an incredible privilege to take part in this prestigious course. I learn so much over the 3 weeks – about bel canto repertoire, about myself vocally, and going ahead, about myself as an artist. The number of quality contact hours one receives at the GSA is remarkable, and is unlike anything else I have experienced.

Hannah Poulsom | UK
The whole experience has been highly beneficial to my vocal development and training. From a technical standpoint, Barbara Frittoli was the highlight of my time at the GSA. Her manner was fun and nurturing – I trusted her implicitly and wasn’t afraid to try whatever she asked of me, even in front of fellow colleagues.