Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany

Ida Ränzlöv | Sweden

I want to start by saying that I think that the Solti Accademia is an outstanding course. I hadn’t performed much bel canto repertoire at all before and I’m grateful that the education I got at the Accademia now works as a foundation for how I build my repertoire.

Freddie De Tommaso | UK
The one-to-one coachings with Jonathan Papp were excellent and it was so useful to be able to study the music in such minute detail and put into practise some of the things talked about with the guest teachers.

Lauren Decker | USA
I already sense so much growth in my interpretation of the Italian repertoire and the syntax and pronunciation of the Italian language. In addition to the incredible staff, it was especially rewarding to be learning amongst such talented colleagues and to watch their growth throughout the course.

Frederick Jones | New Zealand
I came to the course with an immense respect for Barbara Frittoli as an artist and was incredibly relieved that she also has an amazing facility to teach! I think out of all the guest artists who joined us this year, she was the single teacher who achieved significant success with every individual she worked with.

Ilona Revolskaya | Russia
I will remember this time as one of the best in my life – an absolutely unique experience! I especially want to thank Jonathon Swinard: his lecture about preparation for real life after studies was amazing!

Long Long | China
I felt that I greatly improved my opera performance and my Italian. Thanks very much to the Solti Accademia for providing such excellent learning opportunities for young singers.

Benson Wilson | New Zealand
One of my biggest highlights this year was the honour of having to work with Maestro Richard Bonynge!

Emma McDermott | USA
My singing has turned in a new direction thanks to the course – more linguistic expression, a gentler approach to technique, and cleaner phrasing. I wish the Accademia were a year-long course!

Paul Grant | UK
As the course lasted three weeks, I felt that I was able to spend time with ideas and really enjoy the learning process. So often I feel that just as I think I understand something or an improvement has happened, it is time to move on to the next thing and this wasn’t the case at Solti. I found this incredibly helpful and beneficial.

Josephine Goddard | UK
I was so impressed by Barbara Frittoli’s commitment to everyone’s individual journeys and needs; her presence felt incredibly nurturing and helpful even though she had high expectations. I shall treasure the time I spent with her for the rest of my life.

Nika Gorič | Slovenia
Working with artists such as Barbara Frittoli, Massimo Giordano, and Richard Bonynge is not only a privilege, but also gives us insight into their lives and ways of thinking and dealing with the industry. Being offered the chance to ‘hear with their ears’ was invaluable. It is amazing how much you can learn just by listening.

Marta Estal Vera | Spain
I found the Georg Solti Accademia deeply useful for me. Working for three weeks in a really professional environment has helped me a lot. I am speaking not only about the high level of the teachers, but also about the high level of the singers! This was a big opportunity to improve and learn a lot from each other.