The Solti Peretti Repetiteur’s Masterclasses offers every year to six outstanding young pianists a fully-funded 8-day course developing all the many skills required of a repetiteur, in collaboration with a world-class faculty and talented young singers.

Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice
April 12/ 21, 2017

Live and recorded.
January 18 and 19, 2017 Royal Academy of Music, London.
Deadline for applications: Friday, December 16,  2016.

Contact: Jonathan Papp Artistic Director | [email protected]


Each of the coaches brought a different perspective about us as musicians, but they were united in their positive energy and their enthusiastic support. I got to work on a wide variety of skills, including piano technique, vocal score/full score arranging, coaching, and conducting. Because we were isolated from our schools and regular stresses, it was a safe place to explore how we wanted to grow as musicians, and how to take musical risks.

Fondazione Nando Peretti          

in partnership with  logo-Fondazione-Cini-orizzontale
San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice