The Accademia would like to give a special thanks to all its donors and friends for individual gifts received.


  • Mr and Mrs Russ & Linda Carr
  • Mr R. Christiansen
  • Mrs Virginia Drabbe
  • Mr and Mrs G. Garuti
  • Mrs Anne Hornung-Soukup
  • Mr C. Hart
  • Mr and Mrs M. Hodgkin
  • Mr and Mrs N. Horiuchi
  • Mr and Mrs L. Innocenti
  • Mr and Mrs F. Lehmann
  • Mr and Mrs Marceau
  • Mr and Mrs D. Maude – Roxby
  • Mr and Mrs B. Veneendal


  • Alberto Costa
  • Luisa Delgado      
  • Paola Fabianelli
  • Mr and Mrs Koch
  • Mr and Mrs Lixi
  • Mario Mazzola    
  • Annamaria Prearo
  • Erminia Salmeri
  • Peter & Margaret Sandberg
  • Mr Andre Michel

Diventa amico | the GSA Friends flyer (in Italian)