Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany

Darwin Prakash | INDIA

Getting straight to the point, this course is incredible. I had certain expectations regarding the course and I do honestly believe that they were fulfilled over and beyond.

Marvic Monreal | MALTA
One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that singing should bring joy and happiness, not just anxiety and stress. Barbara Frittoli’s words will always be printed in my thoughts. Her down-to-earth personality was a breath of fresh air and the community feeling at Solti will always be carried with me throughout my career. 

Chunlai Shang | CHINA
Few words can deliver my thoughts: only thanks can express my appreciation. I really appreciate this team. The teachers are of a very high standard and are very patient. It feels glorious to have worked with them. I will miss the GSA. This is a journey I won’t forget in my life.

Bronwyn Douglass | USA
The expertise of the faculty is obvious, but the teaching methodology and delivery of content were outstanding. The organisers and the teachers were friendly and fun – creating a place where we could work effectively and take risks. 

Beatrice Acland | UK
I most enjoyed the opportunity to work with the resident staff members every day – such frequent coachings allowed us to work in great depth. It was very interesting watching the others singers improve as well.

Alan Higgs | USA
I can’t tell you how beneficial this course was for me on so many levels. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all, Lady Solti, Roberta, and Candice and I can’t thank you enough for including me in this incredibly special programme that I will never forget and continue to take information from in bettering myself as a musician.