Anush Hovhannisyan
I had the best time at the Accademia and realise that the people have absolutely made it for me. It was such a great group and I felt privileged to be one of them.  If this was a 3 month programme that would literally be a singer’s paradise!

Graziella Briffa
Being one of the chosen singers of this year’s George Solti academia was already a dream come true but once you get to Castiglione and walk in those streets where Il Signor Solti used to stroll, well, that is obviously something else.
Having the opportunity to work with Ms Gheorghiu ,Ms Giannatassio and also Mr Bonynge is a multiple affect experience.  At the moment I am still in student mode but these great artists are already giants in the opera world and music has sunk so much into their blood that when they shared their experiences with us we were immediately thrown into a different world…the professional world. In these three weeks I was constantly pumped with self-motivation, and self-esteem and also the hope that yes I can be like the mentioned artist, the road is not an easy one but I will have to do what is necessary and try my best.

Alejandra Gomez
I was really happy to be part of Georg Solti Accademia this summer, it was a wonderful experience and I found all the information and lessons very helpful for my development as an artist, you have a beautiful family there, all the teachers, sponsors and staff where wonderful, I appreciate every lesson learned and I would keep it for ever. The Master classes and the recognized work of the staff were amazing and I’m sure is a dream for many singers to have an opportunity like this and I feel blessed to have had the chance to be part of it.

Stefan Lamatic
In regards to my experience, I would have to say it was amazing, I enjoyed the location first of all, the faculty members were paying close attention to all our needs and questions. The schedule was full, however very well structured, for me it was the first Master Class I attended, however if the experience will be the same I will definitely attend more in the future. I was honoured to attend this Master Class where I learnt not only techniques but also important tips for my future career as an artist. I hope that in my career I will meet wonderful people like the ones I’ve met here and I would like to thank the Solti Academy for the amazing experience.

Julieth Lozano
Georg Solti Accademia was three weeks of knowledge, friends and happiness. What a great experience to share time with amazing artists in a place full of inspiration. For me it was also a time to find myself and learn about bel canto and how to translate that into all my other repertoire.  We had a wonderful session where we talked about the situation of the profession nowadays, and it gave me a solid ground to think about what I want in life and what I am pursuing. I hope that many many singers keep having this opportunity to develop, learn and gain confidence towards their careers.

Alexander McKissick
I felt that overall the Georg Solti Accademia was super useful. I really feel that I’ve found the correct sound, color, and technical approach for my voice after this program.  I think the most useful part of the course was coaching with Jonathan Papp.  Richard Bonynge was very helpful in imparting the idea that musicality is paramount in a performance. Carmen Giannattasio was wonderful and really drove home the idea of finding a high resonance and powering it with support. She really taught a full body method of singing.

Isabella Moore
I definitely consider the Georg Solti Accademia to be one of the best experiences in my operatic journey thus far.  The teachers and coaches were of a very high quality. All the information we received from them was extremely valuable and I feel I have learnt a lot.  I loved the opportunity to work with Carmen Giannatasio, her visits were a highlight for me.

Thobela Ntshanyana
I have never experienced such an extremely organised, motivating and wonderfully fulfilling three weeks than I have had at the Georg Solti Accademia in Castiglione this year. The entire team have proven to excel the expectations of a young singer of what we feel an international singing Academy is about.  I can’t express the love I have for Jonathan Papp and Jonathon Swinard I will always remember what you taught me now I’m a better artist than yesterday because of the sessions we had I thank you so much. I’m grateful to the sponsors who made this possible from the bottom of my I thank you so much without your help we wouldn’t be better artists today.

Alex Otterburn
The Georg Solti Accademia has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever done. If I could do this once a year, I think I’d be the best singer I could be. The stand out class of the course was Carmen’s, she said some very interesting and useful things. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn in Castiglione and I will remember it my entire life.

Carly Owen
I think the structure of the Solti Accademia works very well, with the amount of hours in the days of coaching/lessons I felit this was just the perfect amount as I would never get vocally tired. All in all I had the most fantastic time, an experience I will never forget and made friends for life – so grateful for the opportunity.

Mikhail Shepelenko
The artistic part of the Georg Solti Accademia course was absolutely brilliant. My personal higlights were Angela Gheorghiu, Jonathan Papp, Corradina Caparello and Richard Bonynge! I have gained an important knowledge about the Italian pronunciation details and belcanto style.

Emma Stannard
I feel honored to have been part of the Solti Accademia course; the standard of teaching was higher than I could have ever imagined and it was a privilege to work with such esteemed guest artists. Particularly memorable were the sessions with Carmen Giannattasio working not only on interpretation but vocal technique.  Prior to this course, I had sung very little bel canto repertoire and I feel that it has provided me with a strong foundation in understanding the style for my future career.

Liz Sutphen
I can truly say there is no vocal seminar that has been more beneficial than the Georg Solti Accademia. I told my manager upon my return to NYC that I had never learned so much about style and technique in such a short amount of time. One factor that  elevates Solti to the highest echelon is its fearless leader, Jonathan Papp. To say that we are lucky to have worked with Maestro Papp is a huge understatement. There is no coach in this business with sharper ears, keener knowledge or more poignant musicianship than Jonathan Papp. There was not a single coaching I had that did not yield dramatic improvement in vocal color or stylistic choice. I am thankful every day to have experienced such detailed and brilliant musicianship.

Zhang Yang
Accademia di Solti è fatastica!  Ci sono piu famosi maestri del mondo per insegnare a noi!  Tra 20 giorni, tutti allievi mangiamo insieme !studiare insieme! Quando non abbiamo la lezione, possiamo nuotare e camminare al mare! Che gioia!  Sopratutto ho studiato benissimo. Perche i maestri spiegano bene, portano la pazienza! Questo importantissimo per noi! Grazie per tutto di Accademia di Solti! Se possibile che voglio fare ancora una volta!